Your Home Watch Solution

Do YOU know who is watching your home while you are away?


Exterior Check (But Not Limited To)

  • General visual check of the home’s exterior
  • Check all doors/windows/screens are in place and secured
  • Check for signs of storm damage, vandalism, forced entry
  • Visual check of the exterior including roof, tiles, drain spouts (from ground level)
  • Visual check of the landscaping
  • Visual check of the pool equipment any visible leaks
  • Check mailbox for damage
  • Check that patio furnishings are in place, pillows/cushions intact
  • Visual check and observation of the pool and spa area– does it appear to have been serviced
  • Remove newspapers, solicitations, debris from front door area and sidewalks
  • Check for signs of insects, pests, and rodents
  • Check for lights that may not be illuminated

Interior Check (But Not Limited To)

  • Conduct a walk thru of the home, looking and listening for anything out of the ordinary
  • Look for signs of mold, moisture and unusual sounds or odors
  • Check ceilings, walls, and floors for signs of water damage or cracks
  • Check and reset electrical panel for tripped breakers
  • Check for signs of pest or infestation
  • Check sinks, drains, showers, and tubs for obvious leaks
  • Flush toilets, run faucets, check for leaks, and wait for cycles to finish before leaving home
  • Fill any open water or sewer traps
  • Check for possible outage problems
  • Check and document operation and temperature settings on refrigerator and freezer
  • Run dishwasher and washer, rinse cycle monthly only at the request of the homeowner
  • Digital photos inside and/or outside if there is a problem
  • Check and record humidity and temperature

The following services will be charged our hourly or fixed rate, including travel time and item expenses.

Concierge and Maintenance Services (But Not Limited To)

  • Stock refrigerator and pantry prior to homeowner’s return (homeowner responsible for cost of grocery items)
  • Run vehicle engines/Drive golf carts/Check trickle chargers
  • Run washing machine and/or dishwasher once a month (at homeowner’s request)
  • Package Acceptance Service (receive packages/deliveries, deliver to client’s home at next home watch)
  • Mail Pickup/Forwarding
  • Alarm response based on availability (alarm system activation, maintenance issue at home)
  • Meet maintenance companies, insurance company, contractors, etc. At the client’s request, Gold Shield Home Watch will remain in home while work is being performed, take photos, and notify homeowner upon completion
  • Indoor plant care, includes periodic watering on days of visit or as scheduled
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors (must be easily accessible, does not include homes with exceedingly high ceilings, homeowner to have ladder available, homeowner to have spare batteries)
  • Replace A/C Filter
  • Weed maintenance around pool, driveway, and walkways (no gardens or flowerbeds)
  • Trash/recycle bins out night before garbage pick-up, put away the evening of pick-up
  • Daily checks during construction/repair, digital photos every visit
  • Home inventory documentation
  • Other homeowner custom requests

Key Holder Services (But Not Limited To)

  • Alarm response based on availability (alarm system activation, maintenance issue at home)
  • Responding to emergencies at your home
  • Letting in houseguests
  • Meeting with service people and other vendors
  • Giving a copy of key to tenants
  • Meeting with delivery people
  • Coordinating and overseeing contractors for home repair

Vetted and Approved Service Professionals

Gold Shield Home Watch can recommend the necessary contractors to service nearly anything in your home. All our contractors have been vetted and approved using National Home Watch Association standards. All our service contractors will be licensed, bonded, and insured. We can recommend the following types of contractors or services: 

• Electrician • Carpenter • Plumber
• AC Repair and Maintenance • Painting (Exterior & Interior) • Cleaning Services
• Landscaping and Trimming Services • Pool Maintenance and Repair • Roofing Services
• Transportation • Hurricane Shutter Services • Pressure Washing Services
• Restoration Services (Mold, Water, Fire)

The following services will be charged our hourly rate, including travel time and item expenses.

Before a storm:

  • Provide garage access to hurricane shutter installers
  • Reinforce (bolt) your garage door(s)
  • Stow miscellaneous items, including grills, lawn ornaments, potted plants, furniture, etc.
  • Turn off main circuit breakers to pools and spas
  • Lower refrigerator/freezer temperatures to their coolest settings in anticipation of outages
  • Secure interior doors
  • Close/Open Hurricane Shutters (Pre-installed shutters on tracks only, such as accordion or electric roll down). We will monitor, document, and photo any storm shutter service that attaches your screw on shutters (you must have a contracted shutter company in place)
  • Other services, as agreed.

After a storm:

  • Access your property as expeditiously as possible and report obvious storm damage
  • Take emergency mitigation measures, as necessary
  • Provide garage access for hurricane shutter storage
  • Turn on main circuit breakers to pools and spas
  • Assess losses based on power outages
  • Provide contractor access for needed repairs
  • Other services, as agreed.

If a Hurricane Watch or Warning is issued in the Lee County area we will take affirmative steps to prepare your property. As soon as possible following a storm event, Gold Shield Home Watch will provide you a report on the condition of your home. Our HomeWatchIT Software will send you a report and photo’s directly to your email so you have the knowledge that your home was protected. Pre- and post-storm documentation and weekly Home Watch inspections can also be used for insurance purposes, if necessary.

Reporting Services

Our company uses business management software provided by Qridit. The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that corresponds to the report’s creation. You will have foolproof evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need. For more about our reporting system please click the link in red below.

Contract Procedures

Client will complete a Gold Shield Home Watch service contract which will serve as the main depository for the required information to service your property. There is no long-term commitment. We are insured, bonded, and are certified members of the National Home Watch Association, which raised Gold Shield Home Watch to the GOLD STANDARD of Home Watch Services.

Payment Procedures

Clients will be emailed a vendor invoice for Home Watch Services and all other requested services with links to easy payment options. The client will billed monthly for all services incurred during that month.

Click here to view our Reporting System demo