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What Is A Home Watch?

The definition of Home Watch is the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues. 

If we notice any abnormalities, we immediately report it to you, and assist in coordinating licensed professionals to remedy the situation on your behalf in your absence. Essentially, we become an advocate for you in your absence, as a trusted resource.

  • Asking a friendly neighbor to check in on your home might seem like a fine idea. That is, until a significant issue occurs. Then the problem can quickly become a burden to your kind neighbor and a headache for you.
  • Our Home Watch staff will complete a detailed report during each visit to your home. We will contact you if a problem does arise, and we have the resources and knowledge to resolve the problem quickly, according to your preferences.
  • Unforeseen damage can happen at any time especially in an unoccupied or vacant home. Your A/C compressor may go out, leaving your home victim to humid and stagnant air, causing the potential growth and spread of mold spores. A ceiling leak from a second-floor condo may cause costly water damage to your property as well. Many things can go wrong in 30 days in an unoccupied property. That is why we strongly recommend 2-4 Home Watch inspection visits per month.

Clients who rely on our Home Watch service know that their home is protected while they are away. Is yours?

 Why Hire An Accredited Home Watch Company?

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About Our Company

Gold Shield Home Watch is co-owned by the “Fredericks Brothers” and we have been in the Fort Myers area since 2012. Gold Shield Home Watch’s number one goal is to provide the homeowners with the knowledge and assurance that their home is protected when they are away from their Florida home.

We chose to get into the Home Watch business because of our training and experience and the trust that you can put into our professional service knowing that your home is being protected just as you would protect it yourself.


Gold Shield Home Watch services the greater Fort Myers area and the Village of Estero.

Gold Shield Home Watch is a member of the National Home Watch Association and is licensed, bonded, and insured. Gold Shield Home Watch has a combined experience of over 65 years in law enforcement, security, and the real estate industry. In our research we have found that some of the “other” home watch service providers were not insured or bonded, “WE ARE,” some could not provide vetted licensed repair technicians, “WE CAN,” some could not provide for the safety and security of your most valuable asset, your home, “WE WILL.”

Beyond our Home Watch services, Gold Shield Home Watch can provide you with other Concierge Services, such as pre and post storm inspections, stock your refrigerator before you arrive, bank and realty services, home watch for seniors, etc. And if needed, we can provide you with licensed and insured contractors, that are strictly vetted, should you need them.

It’s a privilege that comes with great responsibility. We would like the opportunity to meet you and see what Gold Shield Home Watch can do for you and your home.

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